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Version: 2.0   -   Released: 2007/02/04   -   Take a look at the Changelog

For other releases please take a look at our Release Page.

This is a bootable stand alone XSkat card playing system that fits on either one single 1,4MB floppy disk or one eltorito-boot cd.

It features full network client/server support so You can play Skat over LAN with Your friends.

It includes DHCP client support to automagically configure Your network devices.


You need at least a 386 machine (fpu not neccessary) with 10 mb ram to run SkatOS.
You need at least a VESA 1.1 (better 2.0) compilant VGA card.
You need a generic keyboard (USB is supported on most systems)
You need a serial od PS/2 mouse (USB is supported on most systems)
Supported network cards are listed below.
The entire system runs in ram, so you can remove the floppy/cd after booting.

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The system runs XSkat 4.0 based on BusyBox 0.60.5, uClibc 0.9.24 and TinyX 4.2.1 with kernel 2.2.26.
It has no support for IDE/ATAPI or SCSI (only ramdisk), so the risk to the computer (data on the hdd)
is VERY low. The System uses BusyBox for providing the background programs and the KDrive-TinyX
server Xvesa as X server. Booting is done via Syslinux.

Supported Hardware:

Included Software:
Supported Filesystem: minix.

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skatos.imgSkatOS Floppy/ELTORITO-BOOT Image
skatosrc.tgzSkatOS Source/Patch Archive
fdimage.exeTOOL for writing image files to floppy discs - runs under Dos/Windows 9x/ME/NT/2k/XP
rawrite2.exeOLD TOOL for writing image files to floppy discs - runs under Dos
rawwrtxp.exeGRAPHICAL TOOL for writing image files to floppy discs - runs under Windows 9x/ME/NT/2k/XP
loadlin.exeLoadlin 1.6c (optional)
sha1sums.txtSHA1SUMs for downloading...

Download problems: "RIGHTCLICK" and "Save link as..."

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For writing the image to floppy type in the following at the command line: For creating the bootable cdrom image type:
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Frequently asked Questions

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The XSkat Home Page

KDrive - TinyX

Please visit also our page at Freshmeat - SkatOS.

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