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Version: 0.9.0   -   Released: 2008/02/26   -   Take a look at the Changelog

For other releases please take a look at our Release Page.

This is a very small Linux distribution that fits on either two floppy disks or one eltorito-boot cd.


You need at least a 386 machine with 20 mb ram to run BG-Rescue Linux.
To use the optional VESA graphic modes You need a VESA 2.0 compilant VGA card.
The entire system runs in ram, so you can remove the floppys/cd after booting.
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The system is a BusyBox and uClibc based rescue system with kernel 2.4.
The system uses DevFS with DevFSD for /dev and tmpfs for /tmp.
The system has full NTFS read/write support.
S-ATA devices (eg harddisk) are supported.
The user can choose between 30 different keyboard layouts.
If an executable script "bgrescue.rc" or "bgrescue/bgrescue.rc" on the cdrom exists it is started at bootup.
The great antivirus program F-Prot can be automatically loaded from cdrom into tmpfs. You only have to download F-Prot and burn it into the subdir /bgrescue on the cdrom.

Supported Hardware:

Included Software:

Supported Filesystems: cramfs, devfs, ext2, ext3, iso9660, minix, msdos, ntfs 2.1.6b (rw), ntfs-fuse (rw), proc, ramfs, reiserfs, tmpfs, udf, umsdos, vfat, xfs

Network filesystem: nfs

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rescue-0.9.0.isoBG-Rescue bootable ISO-Image (ready for burning onto cdrom)
rescue-0.9.0-1.imgBG-Rescue 1.4 MB floppy image - DISK1
rescue-0.9.0-2.imgBG-Rescue 1.4 MB floppy image - DISK2
rescue-0.9.0.imgBG-Rescue 2.8 MB ELTORITO-BOOT-Image
rescue-0.9.0.zipBG-Rescue ZIP-Archive (unpackable under Windows)
rescuefd.zipFreedos BOOT floppy for booting the 2-DISK version on systems where syslinux fails
fdimage.exeTOOL for writing image files to floppy discs - runs under Dos/Windows 9x/ME/NT/2k/XP
rawrite2.exeOLD TOOL for writing image files to floppy discs - runs under Dos
rawwrtxp.exeGRAPHICAL TOOL for writing image files to floppy discs - runs under Windows 9x/ME/NT/2k/XP
sha1sums.txtSHA-1-SUMs for download...

Download problems: "RIGHTCLICK" and "Save link as..."

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Please replace X.Y.Z with the current version number (eg: 0.9.0)...

For writing the first floppy image type in the following at the command line: For writing the second floppy type: For writing the optional Freedos BOOT floppy type:

Bootable CD-Image

You can use rescue.img as a 2.88MB bootable ElTorito Image for creating a bootable CD-ROM with nearly any
CD-Writer Program (e.g. mkisofs/cdrecord, Nero Burning Rom, etc.).
rescue.iso is the bootable ISO-Image ready for burning on CD-ROM without any further modifications. No more tricks needed :-) ...


F-Prot can be downloaded at You only have to burn the downloaded fp-linux-ws*.tar.gz and maybe antivir.def to the "/bgrescue" directory on the cdrom. The archives are automatically unpacked to /tmp/f-prot in tmpfs. So the cdrom can be removed after bootup just like before.

F-Prot Antivirus for Linux Workstations is FREE for use by personal users on personal workstations. F-Prot is a registered trademark of FRISK Software International.

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Frequently asked Questions

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Another excellent mini distribution is maintained by Christian Perle - Hal91.

The ONE-DISK-LINUX of the ONE-DISK-LINUXes is maintained by Tom Oehser - tomsrtbt.

A really interesting article: How Linux Saved My Files and My Job - PDF-Version.

Please visit also our page at Freshmeat - BG-Rescue Linux.

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