BG-Rescue Linux

BG-Rescue Linux is a very small Linux distribution (download-size < 15MB) which is intended mainly for rescue purposes.

The system runs entirely in ram and can be booted either from USB-stick or CD-ROM. Besides i386 it also includes a 64bit Linux kernel
generating the possibility to chroot into a 64bit (amd64) userspace environment. The system can serve as a full rescue / backup / restore
system for Linux or Windows based computers or to facilitate the installation of a recent Debian oder Ubuntu Linux via debootstrap.

All the relevant major filesystems and many network cards are supported as well as mounting samba (cifs) and nfs shares over network.
A wide range of disk- and filesystem utilities as well as strong compression tools are integrated, including a 64bit version of lrzip.
A graphical frontend (ytree) is also included.

Please follow the link to the current release.

The following releases are online:

Please visit also our page at Sourceforge - BG-Rescue Linux.

Please visit also our page at Freecode - BG-Rescue Linux (stalled).


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