COMPILE_LINUX_KERNEL is a script to build a custom linux kernel and 
package it indipendently from the used distribution together with 
a BG-InitRamFS as initrd.

The main purpose is to be able to package and use a selfcompiled
linux kernel without having to make use of distribution-dependent
scripts or tools. The kernel, its headers and modules and the 
BG-InitRamFS will be packaged together in one tar archive which
can easily be spread to different systems.

BG-InitRamFS is included as initrd to enable to user to use LVM2
or other modern style-options to pass the root-filesystem to the 
kernel like label or uuid.

BG-InitRamFS does neither include nor load any modules by default and 
therefore does not have to be recreated on every configuration change. 
To use it you have to make sure that all modules which are neccessary
to mount the root device are *compiled directly into* the kernel.

The final kernel package will be named LINUX_KERNEL-$VERSION 
and will be placed under /tmp as a gzip-compressed tar archive.


  2.0  (Released 24 Nov 2018)  by Bodo Giannone (

Download: compile_linux_kernel-2.0.tar.gz

SHA1-SUM: f4cca9dd68044cea54d8df10bf63682995f77563




  To compile and package a new kernel you just have to 
  run compile_linux_kernel within the source tree of an 
  *already configured* linux kernel:

  user@localhost:/usr/src/linux-4.14.9 $  make menuconfig
  user@localhost:/usr/src/linux-4.14.9 $  compile_linux_kernel

  When compiling is finished copy /tmp/LINUX_KERNEL-$VERSION.tar.gz 
  to a safe archive place.
  Then go to /tmp/LINUX_KERNEL-$VERSION and...
  Copy config-*, initrd.img-*,* and vmlinuz-* to /boot
  Copy the modules from lib/modules/* to /lib/modules
  Copy the headers from linux-headers-* to /usr/src
  If required by your system you may need to recreate links in your 
  root directory (/vmlinuz and /initrd.img).
  Update your boot-loader (eg update-grub2).

Nota bene:

  This software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY!
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