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Version: 2.0   -   Released: 2011/01/01   -   Take a look at the Changelog

For other releases please take a look at our Release Page.

This is a Linux bootdisk that doesn't use a ramdisk, so it will run on computers with very little ram.
It is basically a somewhat extended fork of Tiny Linux Bootdisk.

BG-Tiny Linux Bootdisk can be used to install either an old Windows version or a linux-2.4
Debian GNU/Linux version (eg Woody or Lenny) on an old 4MB-RAM computer which does not have
or has an unsupported cdrom-drive using parallel-link network with a parallel Laplink-cable.


You need at least a 386 machine (fpu not neccessary) with 4 mb ram to run BG-Tiny Linux Bootdisk.
The system runs from floppy, so it cannot be removed after booting!
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The system is a BusyBox and uClibc based rescue system with kernel 2.4.
The system uses tmpfs for /tmp.
The user can choose between 32 different keyboard layouts, including swiss keyboard layouts.

Supported Hardware:

Included Software:

Supported Filesystems: cramfs, ext2, ext3, iso9660, proc, ramfs, tmpfs, vfat

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bg-tlb-2.0.img.gzBG-Tiny Linux Bootdisk 1.4 MB floppy image
bg-tlb-2.0-src.tgzBG-Tiny Linux Bootdisk Config/Patch/Source Archive
fdimage.exe.gzTOOL for writing image files to floppy discs - runs under Dos/Windows 9x/ME/NT/2k/XP
rawrite2.exe.gzOLD TOOL for writing image files to floppy discs - runs under Dos
rawwrtxp.exe.gzGRAPHICAL TOOL for writing image files to floppy discs - runs under Windows 9x/ME/NT/2k/XP
gunzip.exeTOOL for extracting ".gz" archives - runs under Dos/Windows
sha1sums.txtSHA-1-SUMs for download...

The .gz files are needed only if You have trouble downloading .img files (user request).

Download problems: "RIGHTCLICK" and "Save link as..."

For direct linking (of the current version) please use:

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Please replace X.Y with the current version number (eg: 2.0)...

For writing the floppy image type in the following at the command line:

Bootable CD-Image

You could technically use BG-Tiny Linux Bootdisk as ElTorito image for creating a
bootable CD-ROM. This should work because the root filesystem is generally mounted
read/only. But there is no reason to do this. If Your computer is capable to boot off
a CD-ROM it surely has 16 MB or more of RAM and you could use BG-Rescue Linux.

HOWTO install Windows9x on a computer using parallel-link

To perform a Windows9x installation the neccessary steps are (more or less):

HOWTO install Debian GNU/Linux on a computer using parallel-link

To perform a manual Debian GNU/Linux installation you first have to extract the initrd
into a spare partition so that you are able to boot the installation system without a
ramdisk. With this way which is describeb in many HOWTOS in the internet it should be
possible to run almost any Debian GNU/Linux version which runs Linux kernel 2.2 or 2.4
on a computer with as little as 4MB of RAM.

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Special-Thanks to...

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Frequently asked Questions

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Another excellent mini distribution is maintained by Christian Perle - Hal91.

The ONE-DISK-LINUX of the ONE-DISK-LINUXes is maintained by Tom Oehser - tomsrtbt.

A really interesting article: How Linux Saved My Files and My Job - PDF-Version.

Maybe You want to give the original BG-Rescue Linux a try?

Please visit also our page at Freshmeat - BG-Tiny Linux Bootdisk.

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